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Aspiring voice actor with some basic career references, currently struggling to Trully establish myself.
Meandering around NewGrounds in the meantime and rating/reviewing stuff that catches my eye, mostly in the art tab.
Hoping you have a nice day :0)


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Hey guys. As you know most of what I do on the site is hang around the art portal and go through everything new in the day. Now while movies and games still have the page function, for whatever reason they're trying out some new perpetual scroll thing on the art page. There doesn't seem to be a way to change it, or a difference depending on what browser you use, to the best of my knowledge at least.

I know that many of you are creators, and you're DEFINITELY bigger names than me. Mr. Fulp is pretty responsive to the needs of the community, so I think if we just point out the new system is kind of detrimental (You easily lose your place/ miss a lot of pieces you would of otherwise clicked on when you have to perpetually scroll each time you return to the portal), he might just change it back.

If it stays like this, I got to be honest, my time on newgrounds might come to an end, save for leaving messages on the folks I already follow. Any bit of noise you can make to get some administrative attention on this would be much appreciated, by me and, I'm certain, many smaller up and coming artists who benefitted more from the old system.

Thanks for reading. Stay awesome, stay safe.

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