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Good content hellll yeah.

Khonjin content, Pizzatower content, and Hattsworth content all at once. Good.


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Imma be real I suck at this game but I'm giving it 5 stars because the art's great and the creators somehow made a friggin browser game moddable. I don't even know how you do that but people have made mods for this thing, it's great.

TFW you get all ion cannons and they somehow kill the enemy base.

Yeah this game needs some polish. The song loop is good as is but the towers need to be balanced a little. Or a lot. Emma seems kinda useless, the basic soldier seems less useless up until past the 10th wave where they only manage a couple of pity kills, niko seems pretty good and Jack seems like the one you're just supposed to buy and upgrade instead of getting any others.

The zombies also just get tougher without any visual change? After the buff ones and the lightning ones there's no bigger badder ones but they sure as hell take more bullets. The dog at least gets tougher, but spamming him nonstop every 5 seconds seems more like a bandaid on design then something helpful.

So yeah all in all it feels "playable" but a perfect run seems like something you got to meticulously plan instead of something you can get provided some effort and a few solid tries.

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Can't tell if 30-34 is a leitmotif from undertale or Zelda, but I appreciated hearing it.

All in all this is a really cute piece. The sort of background bassier sound throughout contrasts well against the lighter whistlier bits, and the chiptune beatbox around the halfway mark transitions smoothly. Bang up job.

Kramoris responds:

Aw thank you so much!

If it's anything from Zelda, it wasn't intentional, but that's neat I suppose

This sounds like music in a big-name point-and-click adventure game.

Everratic responds:

Thank you. I'd love to compose for that type of game.

I like it but the transition into the second, faster portion feels a little abrupt? Both parts sound good the jump's just a bit jarring.

xHapy responds:

Ye i get what u mean. I will try to improve on that. Thank u so much for the feedback!

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Kinda looks like Pyotr from Hunter: The Parenting.

I'm gonna die but at least I saw something really cool on my way out.

Like how famine actually kinda looks brutal as opposed to emaciated, given in some tellings the 4th horsemen is actually "Conquest."

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